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The tax practice industry is moving more on compliance to business requirements of Australian Tax Office. Our business is now concentrating on providing personalised service to business clients with the end of view of satisfying TOTAL needs of our clients.


Small Business Accounting

Preparing your own bookkeeping through manual cash books and we will show you how to do it. Your own bookkeeping using your own accounting program or we can supply you with MYOB Accounting program including tutorial, training and telephone support.



Most Business are required to submit BAS quarterly which includes the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Pay as yo go Withholding (Tax on Wages), ...


Income Tax Returns

Different types of income returns are prepared such as Individual Income Tax Returns, Company Tax Returns, Partnership Income Tax Returns, Super Fund Income Tax Returns and Trust Income Tax Returns. Returns are lodged to Australian Tax Office...


Negative Gearing & Finance

How to increase your income tax refund through Negative Gearing? How to analyse which method (Hire Purchase, Leasing or Cash Purchase)...

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