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The impost of taxation on income and capital gains means that consideration must be given to its possible effects upon immediate and future investment returns. Assuming two individuals are receiving the same return on their investments, how does our taxation system operate to tax one of them at a rate of 48.5% and the other at 0%? Obviously, there are many anomalies in the present taxation system; it is for the investor to identify where and why they exist, and to take advantage of them. Selecting the most appropriate investment structure means an investor is able to maximize their return when taxation is taken into consideration.

The majority of investors enter the market by undertaking a debt. Especially in relation to rental properties, therefore they initially make losses. The investor's objective is that the asset will increase in value by more than the losses incurred, even after taking into account any refund cheque received by the investor from the Australian Taxation Office.

Tax Planning

Before the end of year, preferably April or May, you should talk to us so that we can analyse your financial situation and various tax strategies can be discussed and implemented. Otherwise, you will end up paying more income tax and you have to wait for another year before tax deductions can be claimed.

Negative Gearing

  • How to increase your income tax refund?
  • Strategies on buying investment properties.
  • Maximising your borrowing power.

Car and Equipment Finance

Talk to us to find out what is the best method of acquiring your next car or equipment, i.e. hire purchase, leasing or cash purchase.


More about Negative Gearing?

We conduct one on one and group seminars on various strategies on buying your investment properties. We can show you how to select the right properties to maximise tax refund and obtain higher capital appreciation. By availing of the 50% capital gains discount, you can pay less tax on disposal of your investment property. We have formulated four (4) planning strategies on the basic property investment principle of BUY BUY HOLD and never SELL.

Strategy 1

Purchase with no Money Down. Get pre approval from bank before purchasing.

Strategy 2

Buy Property at Wholesale (5% to 20%) below market). Perform extreme due diligence and market research. Get independent bank valuation. Negotiate with the developer as a professinal property investor with your cheque book . Obtain proof of other sales within the development. Create a buyers group for more bargaining power.

Strategy 3

Obtain 100% finance. Try 50% variable and 50% fixed rates. Maintain only ONE credit card on finance application. Pre pay any other car or personal loan. Split purchases, say 90/10 between spouses.

Strategy 4

Buy property constructed Post Sept. 1985. Avail of 50% individual capital gains discount. Check appreciation rate of 500sqm land or higher against town house or units. Avail of the 4% or 2.5% depreciation on building construction costs.

Learn the strategies on buying investment properties.

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